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Bone Trail n Partners in Crime

  • All designs are screenprinted by InkSpit Rats.

Website: https://www.inkspit-rats.com/

Facebook Page: inkspitrats

Instagram Page: inkspit_rats

TikTok Page: inkspitrats


  • "Inferno", "Deus Volt", "Narcissus" and "Haagenti" Design and "BoneTrail Apparel" original Logo is designed by Tattoo and Body Piercing Artist choi_body_piercer

Instagram Page: choi_body_piercer



  • "Trails Through The Human Plague" Design is designed by Tattoo Artist george_thirst.

Facebook Page: george_thirst

Instagram Page: george_thirst


  • "Boozin N Losin My Mind For You..." Design is designed by Comic book artist-Illustrator aldo_shabani_rot.

Instagram Page: aldo_shabani_rot

  • "Melanocetus Murrayi" Design is designed by Illustrator Lethargosvisuals.

Facebook Page: Lethargos

Instagram Page: lethargosvisuals


  • "Hannya Mask","Oni" Design is designed by tattoo artist Virgil (member of InkSpit Rats Team).
  • "Cyberpunk Geisha" Design is designed by Tattoo Artist Wasted Youth (member of ta.ttoovla tattoo collective) .

Instagram Page: wastedyouth.tatooer

  • "Skull" Design is designed by Tattoo Artist Kinezos.

Instagram Page: kinezos_qq

Facebook Page: Kinezos

  • "Deathcult" Design and "BoneTrail Apparel" 2nd Logo is designed by Pen & Ιnk artist Mike S. Putrefurnaced.

Instagram Page: mike.s.putrefurnaced

Facebook Page: Mike S. Putrefurnaced

Website : www.mikesfurnace.com